How long have you been working on that manuscript?

6 months?
12 months? 
24 months?

Then it’s time to finish it!

Whether you are just starting your first book, dusting off a manuscript you started years ago, or are a published author struggling to meet deadlines, we will work together to reach The End.

The Manuscript Completion program includes:

  • Pre-Entry Questionnaire On Habits, Working Style and Current Manuscript
  • One Hour Goal Development Conference Call (Week 1)
  • Customized Plan, Schedule and Reward System
  • Customized Accountability Documents
  • One Hour Implementation Conference Call (Week 1)
  • Thirty Minute Weekly Check-In Calls Thereafter
  • Unlimited Email Access*
  • Adjustment of Goals and Schedule As Needed
  • Accountability Systems With Mutually Accessible Tracking

Note that I do not offer plotting sessions, developmental editing, or any other type of manuscript review. That is not to say we won’t be discussing your manuscript, tips for getting past writer’s block, and plotting methods to help you, but we will focus on accountability and forward movement, not brainstorming or character development. 

I do offer accountability, ideas to keep you moving forward, a hand to hold, a confidential place to put your fears, spreadsheets and calendars, and lots of support. 

When we finish your manuscript, we will celebrate together! You will be able to move forward to the next step of manuscript development. You’ll want to engage the services of an editor. If you have an editor you know and trust, contact them a few months in advance to get on their schedule. If not, I highly recommend Kerri Keberly for final stage copy edits and proofreading, and LKA Publishing for developmental edits.

Get Ready To Succeed!

Contact me to set up a 15 minute phone call, and let's realize your dream!

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*Unlimited email access is true! I want to support you through meltdowns, questions, and amazing progress. However, I reserve the right to answer multiple emails at one time, or to define the allowed number of emails. Generally, however, email any time, day or night. Please see the contract after initial consultation.