This is the full service package.

We will combine manuscript accountability with project management, productivity, and calendar maintenance to ensure you are not only completing your book, but staying on top of all the other responsibilities writers are now expected to perform. 

As with the other packages, I will not edit your manuscript, but I will help you achieve word count and editing goals. We will work on productivity and accountability. Together we will create a calendar and schedule to keep you on track. 

I will be here for you through all of it

The Full Service Package includes:

  • Pre-Entry Questionnaire On Habits, Working Style and Current Projects
  • One Hour Project Evaluation Conference Call (Week 1)
  • Customized Schedule, Calendar, Planning Documents, and Reward System, either virtual or paper
  • Customized Accountability Documents
  • One Hour Implementation Conference Call (Week 1)
  • Ongoing Project and Task Management
  • Thirty Minute Weekly Check-In Calls Thereafter
  • Unlimited Email Access*
  • Adjustment of Goals and Schedule As Needed
  • Accountability Systems With Mutually Accessible Tracking

Let's Do This Together!

Contact me to set up a 15 minute phone call. Let's get your book finished and your calendar organized!\.

*Unlimited email access is true! I want to support you through meltdowns, questions, and amazing progress. However, I reserve the right to determine that the number of emails are excessive, to respond to multiple emails at one time, or define the allowed number of emails. Generally, however, email any time, day or night. Please see the contract after initial consultation.