I can offer you something between a
Virtual Assistant and DIY.

There are a thousand apps that will help you be productive,
manage your time, and organize your to-do lists. 

You can buy planner after calendar after organizer. 

Nothing is the same as having someone else assist in managing your
tasks and deadlines. 

I have been doing this for nearly
twenty years.

I know how to manage a calendar, conference calls, tasks, and projects. I’ve been at the helm of multiple businesses, prioritized what needs to be done, and reminded others of their tasks to ensure deadlines were met. 

Whether you need a calendar for writing blogs during your a release, a reminder to pop into a Facebook group or create graphics, or a quick “hey, contact your agent” email, I can help you keep track of all of it. 

When you’re on your own, there is no one to assist in coordinating tasks so you’re not scrambling at midnight on the due date. When you hire a virtual assistant, you pay for graphic design, Facebook parties and contacting giveaway winners, but still might have to keep your own calendar.

There is a midway point between doing it yourself and hiring a virtual assistant. 

The Project Management package includes:

  • Pre-Entry Questionnaire On Habits and Working Style
  • One Hour Project Evaluation Conference Call (Week 1, included)
  • Customized Calendar and Planning Documents, either virtual or paper (included)
  • One Hour Implementation Conference Call (Week 1, included)
  • Ongoing Project and Task Management (billable)
  • Thirty Minute Weekly Check-In Calls Thereafter (billable)
  • Email Access (billable if more requiring more than 6 minutes to answer)
  • Adjustment of Goals and Schedule As Needed

You Don't Have To Manage This Alone.

A calendar is only squares and numbers.

A planner is only paper and pen. 

 A friend will see you through. 

Looking for a tracking app?
Find a real person.

Organization is difficult, and while I won't pretend my closets are organized, my planners and to do lists are.
I haven't missed deadline yet.

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