I offer multiple consulting packages to meet your needs, but will also tailor each program to the projects you are working on. Each package involves a phone calls, productivity ideas, schedule management and email contact.


Ready to finish the manuscript hiding under your bed? Or the sixth book you’re on deadline for? Let’s get it done!


If you’re drowning in to-do lists and deadlines, we will develop a productive schedule to ensure it is all completed on time. 


A beginning-to-end, craft-to-business program that will organize your life and habits to achieve your goals. 

You are not alone

It is often said that being a writer is  solitary endeavor. So it is. We spend hours living in our own head and breathing life into characters. But there is so much more to “just writing a book”. 

There is writer’s block and procrastination, marketing and promo. It’s simultaneously an art and a business. 

Sometimes, you just need someone who understands the trials and joys, a helping hand to get you on track if you’ve been derailed. 

I can be your helping hand

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Then contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation so we can discuss the best fit for you.